A puppet show as used to explain the purpose of the coming of theJesus Christ

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  1. Should the Iraqi Christians leave or stay in the Iraq? I agree with JG, this is a tough one and only the Iraqi Christians can make that decision. It would be sad to see them leave, they are Iraqis and Iraq is their hlaoemnd but like millions of other Iraqis who have fled in to exile who can blame them wanting to seek safety for their families. Making that decision to leave is hard and living as a refugee is not easy. Some will reach the point when they think they can take no more of the death and suffering.I read Laith’s very good translations of the interview “Witness of Church Attack” but watching and listening to them speaking in Arabic on the videos was so heartbreaking and emotional it left me miserable and depressed. Will the young girls ever recover from the horrors they have seen?….I hope so but it will take time and they will never forget.

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