Providing Christmas for Christian Refugee children

Children with their food and gifts

Children pick up colorfully wrapped gifts as they leave for their buses

Join us to help Christian children displaced by the Islamic State (ISIS) have a real Christmas with Gospel celebrations, music, gifts and food.

The first Christmas programs for Iraqi and Syrian refugee children began in Lebanon on December 10th and during Christmas week will be held in Jordan and Iraq.

More children in Iraq this year will participate …. Last year 600 Christian children displaced from their homes in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain were able to celebrate a real Christmas with music, games, puppet shows, Gospel themed plays and Christmas gifts from Santa. The children also receive Gospel themed coloring books and work books. A coloring contest is held!

This year Christmas for Refugees will celebrate Christmas with more than 2,000 children just in northern Iraq.

The whole family is helped: The children receive a program several hour program in a warm, protected area. The parents receive either a large box of food supplies to last a week or a box of hygiene material such as soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, detergents, toilet papers, personal items for mothers. The food and Hygiene packets contain about $50 wholesale of goods they can use to make their lives better for Christmas. In some areas parents received blankets and a Bible if they do now have one. 

Children holding up their coloring books.

Children hold up their drawings during a coloring contest at a Christmas for Refugee event in northern Iraq.

The program for each child costs just $14 including buses, food, and all program costs including puppet shows. Programs are held in a warm place in Iraq where temperatures drop below freezing at night! 

Please help provide a program for just one child … Or … for the child and the family for just $64.00. Please help today. (Donations are tax deductible) 

Donation Amount:
$14 Program for one child
$28 Program for two children
$64 One child and food for family
$128 Two children and food for family
$256  four children and food for family
$1000+ A blessing to the entire program