Christmas in Nigeria

Nigeria Orphanage: Our supported orphanage in Jos, Nigeria produced an invitation for adults to attend and watch the Christmas party for the children.

Our Christmas programs are Christ centered — something that perhaps I do not emphasize enough. Look how Christmas was spelled on the graphic that was sent out.

One of the main features of the day was the cutting of a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of our Lord. The drama presentation was of course Christ centered

This was the program presented:
1. Opening prayer- (5min)
2. Hymn- (5min)
3. Brief meaning of Christmas/opening address
4. Nativity drama presentation- (15min)
5. Memory verse recitation- (20min)
6. Song presentation by staff-(10min)
7. Carol songs-(15min)
8. Puppetry/clown ministration-(1hr 30min)
7. Cutting of Jesus Birthday cake- (10min)
8. Father Christmas crew/presentation of gifts- (1hour)
9. Refreshment
10. Closing prayer

The only secular time during the Christmas parties will be the gift distribution by Santa Claus and the serving of refreshments. There is a powerful connection in Nigeria between Christians and Santa. Don’t ask me to explain this; I can’t.

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