Our Christmas plans for Iraq going ahead despite obstacles

Children in Jordan enjoying their meals.

Children in Jordan enjoying their meals.

Iraqi Christian children will have a Christmas celebration – one way or another: The Religious Freedom Coalition is moving forward with plans for our Christmas for Refugees program in Iraq. In some cases, the only question that remains is where the children will be. One of the new towns in which we intended to hold a Christmas program was Telskuf. It now appears that the children who would have been there, will be back in camps in Dohuk Province. I am in constant contact with our ministry partners in Iraq, to keep up to date on the situation.

I can report some good news — the director of the ministry which administers our programs in Iraq has made it back to Erbil, Iraq, along with his wife! They were in the U.S. on a speaking tour to churches, but could not fly back to Erbil because the airport was suddenly closed.  However, they were able to fly into Baghdad and were safely driven past all military check points back to Erbil. I am also in constant contact with the ministry in Dohuk Province. Donate today to help refugee children have a real Christmas this year

We are moving forward with the transfer of funds and the purchase of supplies.  The program may be somewhat costlier than anticipated, but we will not back away from providing a real, Christ-centered Christmas celebration to the beleaguered children.

The Matching Challenge program is more important than ever.  Just a few weeks ago I mailed a letter detailing the increased needs which make the value of donations to the Matching Challenge program even greater. Every dollar we receive for the Christmas for Refugees program up to $55,622 will be doubled!


It is critical that we not only meet the challenge of $55,622 but surpass it.


Please continue to pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq. Please pray for a hedge of protection around those faithful who have remained in Iraq.

Donate today to help refugee children have a real Christmas this year


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