Photos of Christmas for Refugees 2016 Events

Communications from the Middle East and particularly Iraq have been difficult, resulting in real time posting about Christmas for Refugees events in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Below are some photos of events held so far, with captions. More information on the success of the Christmas parties for refugee and displaced children will be posted when possible. (12/23/16)

Christmas for Refugees began in 2013 in Jordan, expanded to Lebanon in 2014 and Iraq in 2015. Christmas for Refugees is associated with the Diapers for Refugees program which provides diapers for young Iraqi families who have fled the Islamic State (ISIS) and have diaper age children. To make the Christmas program possible in 2017 please donate here.

Lebanon Event Three. About 100 children broken down into smaller groups.

Contents of hygiene kits given to each child’s family in Lebanon. Twelve Christmas parties total in Lebanon with 75 to 150 children each

Jordan Event One. Almost 300 children watch puppet shows, hear the Gospel, have a Christmas dinner and receive hygiene kits and blankets for their families                                                                  

Iraq Event one – About 400 children ages 4 to 7. This was a challenging event because of the young age group. Gifts were age appropriate.

Iraq Event Two. 525 children ages 8 to 10. One of the winners of the coloring contest.
Some of the 525 children at Event two in Iraq.

Over 400 children ages 11 and up enjoy clowns

Program director William J Murray helps to pass out gifts to children at end of event 2. Boxes were packed by volunteers in Iraq to be age specific.
One of three trucks filled with bags of hygiene items for families of children in Iraq; kits include, soaps, shampoo, disinfectant. tooth paste and brushes, etc.







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