Support Growing But Still Short

Christmas for Refugees

Support growing but still short:  When I last wrote to you about the Christmas budget,  we had less than $1,000 on hand.  Because of the generous gifts of supporters since then, the Christmas for Refugees program has raised $105,000 of the $380,000 budget for Christmas 2018.  That was a wonderful response, but we are still short $275,000 of our budget this year.

Please pray with me that hearts will be opened, and the funds will be raised to bring a true Christ-centered Christmas to refugee children.

Funds have already been forwarded to our ministry partner in Lebanon, as the program is extremely complicated there.  Large events cannot be held because the families are scattered.  We must work church by church from the far north to the south of Lebanon.  In all, this year there will be at least fifteen separate events.

By the end of October, we will need to wire-transfer over half of the required funds to Lebanon and Iraq.  In November and the beginning of December, the remainder of the funds must be delivered and funding for Jordan and Nigeria must be addressed.

Bethlehem:  There is also a desperate need to help the remaining Christians in what is referred to as the “West Bank.”  Most Christians in the United States do not understand that Bethlehem is officially no longer in Israel.  It is part of a special protectorate under the PNA (Palestinian National Authority which is actually the PLO or Palestinian Liberation Organization).  President Trump recently cut off all funds to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank which includes Bethlehem.

If the funds can be raised to help the beleaguered Christians of the West Bank, I will drive from Amman to Bethlehem to help implement the Christmas program in the Holy Land. Please pray that this part of our Christmas for Refugees program can be implemented this year.


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