Christmas for Refugees in Iraq 2016

Groups as large as 525!

Some of the 525 children at Event two in Iraq.

The Religious Freedom Coalition’s Christmas for Refugees program is now in its 2nd year in Iraq and has grown from 600 children to more than 2,000 children participating.

The Christmas for Refugees program began in Jordan in 2013 with Christmas parties for Christian refugee children from Iraq, and expanded to Lebanon in 2014. In 2015 the program grew again to include Christian refugee children in northern Iraq who had escaped the Islamic State as it advanced into the traditional Christian homeland of the Nineveh Plain. Thousands of Christian families were also forced to flee Mosul, which the Islamic State still holds.

Most of the Nineveh Plain has been liberated from the Islamic State (ISIS) including the Christian towns of Bartella and Qaraqosh. Most dwellings in the Christian towns have been burned out or leveled, and there is no power or water. Families still cannot return, but cleanup is underway. If these towns are habitable by Christmas in 2017, then Christmas for Refugees will offer programs for the children in their home towns.

Please pray for the Christian families of the Nineveh Plain and Mosul.

Watch the short video below made at one of the Christmas parties in Iraq.

Help make Christmas, 2017 bigger and better for Christian Refugee children. Donate now!

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