Christmas program for refugee children has room to expand!

Children open their dinner boxes. At most events dinners are served on open plates and meals are hot, but that was not possible at this one

Children open their dinner boxes. At most events dinners are served on open plates and meals are hot, but that was not possible at this one

Two-Thirds of funds already wired:  On November 2nd large transfers of funds were made to the ministries operating our Christmas for Refugees programs in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Combined with the initial funds sent in October, two-thirds of the minimum amount promised has been delivered. Right now less than $50,000 is needed to fund the program in all three nations. But we can expand the program by 100 children for every extra $6,400 received!

Please keep in mind that the total of $64 per child includes food for each child’s family, in the form of packages or store vouchers valued at $40 to $60 each, depending on the area. This is a far greater benefit to the families than an American may think. According to a recent report by the Kurdistan Regional Government, the U.N. provides only $19 per month per family, for even the neediest Iraqi refugees, with half of all refugees receiving nothing at all. In Iraq, 80 percent of all humanitarian health programs have been suspended.

Even the average of a paltry $19 per month from the United Nations rarely goes to Christians, because they cannot live in the U.N. camps without fear of assault, rape and murder.

The kind of foods provided by the Christmas for Refugees program will last a family of four for at least a week, and much longer if combined with other aid they may receive from church groups. The Christmas program for the children is about the hope we all find in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the aid provided to the families is both material and spiritual. Families without Bibles receive one, and children receive workbooks based on Bible themes.

We are on our final leg of fund raising for the Christmas program this year, with real hope that we may reach over 4,000 families this Christmas. You can make a difference today! Donate now.

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