Christmas Program Expands to Iraq

Most Christians remaining in Iraq are displaced: In about a month program director William J. Murray will be travelling to Jordan and Iraq to oversee the relief efforts including expansion of the Christmas for Refugee program. A test run of dinner events will be held in the Erbil area to prepare for the Christmas programs later this year

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Christmas for Refugee Program Well Accepted in Lebanon and Jordan

Unlike many humanitarian feeding programs, Christmas for Refugees presented the Christmas story and the “reason for the season,” the coming of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. At each Christmas meal event the birth of Christ was explained in detail in puppet shows and through each event coordinator and pastor. Children even received a special colorful comic book describing the true meaning of Christmas

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More Christmas Events Held for Syrian Refugees

William J. Murray reports from Lebanon on the continued success of the Christmas dinner program for Christian refugee He arrived in Lebanon on the 13th of December as the program was underway and has watched the joy of the children as they were able celebrate Christmas so far from their homes. The children sang, play games and had a Christmas meal and their families received voucher for food of their choice at a market.

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Christmas for Refugees Goals Being Met

A great big thank you to all of the supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition who have helped with the Christmas for Refugees program! Funds are still needed for the project in Jordan, but sufficient funds for the 1,000 Christmas meals initially planned for Christian children in Lebanon have been received and placed in a dedicated account.

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Thinking of Christian Refugee Children on Thanksgiving and Christmas

The Christmas for Refugee program was begun to bring spiritual help as well as food and medicine to Christian refugees children and their families. Many of the children have had fathers or older brothers who have been martyred, murdered in cold blood by al-Nusra and Islamic State (ISIL) fighters. In some cases they have been forced to watch their fathers being beheaded or in some cases crucified. The once lived in middle class homes and this Christmas will face starvation.

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Christmas Program Expands to Lebanon

The need is so great that there is no amount of private aid than can provide for the needs of the suffering Christians of Syria and Iraq. We have been doing what we can and have helped to deliver several sea going containers of food and clothing this year. That is a drop in the bucket, as there are hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees

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