More Than a Christmas Party

Last year for the first time, the Christmas programs were extended to the few areas of the “West Bank” that are still Christian. In 1948 when the State of Israel came into existence, the “West Bank” was 86% Christian. Now it is 2% Christian. The Christian community is no longer self-sustaining and as a result is a persecuted minority.

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Holy Land Christmas

“I have seen the Christian civilization of the “West Bank” collapse and be replaced by those who hate Christians and work to steal what is left of their land. No matter what, we must continue the Christmas program in the “West Bank” which includes Bethlehem.”

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First Year in Syria

Most of the children were either orphans or internally displaced children who had undergone all kinds of trauma. It had been quite some time since these children had access to such a nice, warm and healthy meal. One thing that really stood out from the first event was the very evident joy on the faces of all ages, regardless of the tragedies they had endured.

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