Christmas for Refugees in Jordan

A number of Christmas for Refugees events were held in Jordan this year. At one of the Christmas parties, every single one of the children present was from Iraq. In Qaraqosh the party lasted almost four hours, with different types of entertainment and of course all pointing to the real reason for Christmas, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Christmas in the West Bank

The Christian population in Bethlehem is no longer self-sustaining. It is with that understanding that Christmas for Refugees agreed to hold a Christmas party for 800 Christian children still living in the Bethlehem and Beit Sahour area, to bring some joy to the shrinking Christian population. Read more about our journey to the Holy Land.

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YES! We Will Have a Christmas Program in Syria This Year

Christmas for Refugees in four different locations:  Planning is in the final stages for Christmas for Refugees programs in Syria.  In all this year, about 1,000 children will have a full Christmas program with a hot meal and gifts.  The children are not officially refugees but are what is referred to as “displaced persons.”  A “displaced…

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Matching gift program for Christmas established!

New matching gift program for Christmas for Refugees! by William J. Murray, program director Seventy-six supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition came forward to pledge $77,031 to a matching gift challenge for Christmas for Refugees.  That means that gifts sent specifically to the Christmas for Refugees program — up to $77,031 — will be doubled!…

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